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WSO and the world of water loss control have been busy of late. Want to know what we’ve been up to or the issues that have caught our attention? Look no further!

  • June 16th 2017

    WSO is Hiring!

    At Water Systems Optimization, we consult public water utilities on the integrity of their distribution systems. We're water conservation folks with some data-driven flair. We're hiring for an...

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  • March 6th 2017

    Level 1 Water Audit Validation Research Published

    All California water audits submitted to the Department of Water Resources in October of 2017 will be level 1 validated. But what does level 1 water audit validation entail, and what are the...

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  • March 1st 2017

    Water Loss Control in the Great Lakes Region

    Georgia and California’s pioneering water audit collection and validation programs were established primarily in response to water scarcity. But even in water-rich regions, water loss control...

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  • February 6th 2017

    The Water Loss TAP Keeps Chugging!

    In October of 2015 California passed Senate Bill 555, requiring all urban water suppliers to submit annual, level 1 validated AWWA-methodology water audits, starting in October of 2017. To support...

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  • June 1st 2016

    WSO/Cavanaugh Team Wins Statewide Contract

    Water Systems Optimization, Inc. (WSO) is pleased to announce that it has been selected for Phase 1 of a Water Loss Technical Assistance Program (Water Loss TAP)...

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