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Non-revenue Water Reduction

Quite simply, Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is the difference between the volume of water you produce and the volume of water you sell. The new water audit techniques now allow for significant improvement in understanding the components of NRW. This in turn allows for the design and implementation of the most appropriate remedial strategy to reduce NRW to acceptable and economic levels.

NRW can comprise of apparent losses due to old, worn-out customer meters and illegal connections and real losses due to leakage from reservoirs, underground mains and service connections.

Each component of NRW has a different monetary value and requires a different amount of investment to reduce. Some investment options may be technically possible but not economically justified.

WSO has proven capability in delivering cost-effective NRW reduction, having both designed and implemented successful NRW reduction projects. Whether your NRW is due to apparent losses from under-recording customer meters or due to real losses from a backlog of undetected leaks, WSO has the experience to develop the right strategy and to successfully implement the required remedial actions.

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