Reduce Your Water Losses

We set up utilities to succeed in recovering water and tracking progress.

Program Development

What are the best ways to save water?

We understand each water utility’s loss profile requires a unique response. Our program design is based on a validated AWWA water audit and field testing.

Once we understand your system’s loss profile, we help you:

  1. Detect leaks so you can repair them
  2. Streamline repair data collection practices
  3. Improve meter management
  4. Optimize system pressure
  5. Enhance data quality

Leak Detection

Where are the leaks in your system?<br>How much water are you losing to leakage?

Most leaks in your system are running undetected. And worse, those leaks are running - and losing revenue - nonstop. But we can uncover those leaks with leak detection. We’ve surveyed thousands of miles of mains in dozens of systems using state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection equipment. Our team finds hidden leaks so you can deliver water to customers instead of leakage.

Zonal Management

How do you monitor leakage?

We set up discrete, metered zones in your system so you know where your infrastructure is leaking, how much you’re losing, and if the losses are worsening. With zonal monitoring, you can deploy leak detection crews right away and to the right place when new leaks start.

Pressure Management

How can small changes result in big savings?

All utilities use pressure to meet service and fire flow requirements, but there’s a long-term cost to overpressurizing your system. Excessive pressures cause more main breaks, more leakage, and more frequent pipe replacement. We help you balance service and infrastructure pressure needs. First, we deploy high-frequency pressure loggers across your system so you know where pressure is too low, too high, or just right -- and most importantly, why. Once we know the pressure profile of your system, we help you adjust pressure to reduce leakage and breaks while maintaining high-quality service.

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