Understand Your Water Losses

WSO uncovers where you’re losing water. After all, you can’t fix your system if you don’t know what’s broken.

Water Audits

What types of water loss are in your system?<br>How much does it cost you?

We specialize in the AWWA water audit -- and we know it through and through. There’s a lot to it, but we’ll guide you through each step. In the process, we’ll:

  • Determine how much water is entering your system, and whether it reaches your customers and whether it’s paid for
  • Quantify water lost to leaks and inaccurate meters
  • Validate your data

When we’re done, you’ll have a detailed report that summarizes our findings, and we’ll make sure you can complete the AWWA water audit tools in the future.

Component Analysis of Real Losses

What kinds of leaks are in your system?<br>What interventions are most effective?

A component analysis breaks down your water loss into meaningful categories that help you make smarter decisions about how to recover it. This is our specialty -- we even designed the industry standard tool to conduct this analysis in partnership with the Water Research Foundation.

Economic Level of Leakage Analysis

How much money do water losses cost?<br>Where is the low hanging fruit?

Water loss is expensive, but water loss control also costs money. We can help you find a balance, the economic level of leakage, where your total costs are minimized. We’re here to help you

  • Calculate the cost of water losses and the cost of intervention
  • Identify the Economic Level of Leakage for your system
  • Design a program to get there

Meter Testing

How accurate are your meters?<br>How much are inaccurate meters costing you?

When your revenue is based on what volume a meter captures, you want to know exactly how accurate that meter is. We customize meter testing programs, for large and small meters to help you keep your billing and revenues accurate and complete.

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