WSO is certified to conduct level 1 validations in California and Georgia. We've done more than two hundred validations in California so far and we'd be happy to work with you. Validation is completed in three steps — start here!

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Price: $2,500

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List of Supporting Documents



Complete AWWA Free Water Audit Software (Excel Spreadsheet; Must be CY17 or FY 17-18) Customer Meter Inaccuracy derivation
Volume from Own Sources volumes by month by finished water supply meter Average Operating Pressure derivation
Water Imported volumes by month by import connection Customer Retail Unit Cost derivation
Water Exported volumes by month by export connection Variable Production Cost derivation
Metered Consumption volumes by month and rate code (e.g. charge status, water type, customer class) System schematic showing locations of Own Source, Import, and Export meters
Supply Meter Testing and/or calibration documentation if conducted

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